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RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October

7BIT [RFC1521,NSB]

8BIT [RFC1521,NSB]

BASE64 [RFC1521,NSB]




MIME to X.400 Table

MIME content-type X.400 Body Part Reference

----------------- ------------------ ---------


charset=us-ascii ia5-text [RFC1494]

charset=iso-8859-x EBP - GeneralText [RFC1494]

text/richtext no mapping defined [RFC1494]

application/oda EBP - ODA [RFC1494]

application/octet-stream bilaterally-defined [RFC1494]

application/postscript EBP - mime-postscript-body [RFC1494]

image/g3fax g3-facsimile [RFC1494]

image/jpeg EBP - mime-jpeg-body [RFC1494]

image/gif EBP - mime-gif-body [RFC1494]

audio/basic no mapping defined [RFC1494]

video/mpeg no mapping defined [RFC1494]

Abbreviation: EBP - Extended Body Part

Reynolds & Postel [Page 98]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994

X.400 to MIME Table

Basic Body Parts

X.400 Basic Body Part MIME content-type Reference

--------------------- -------------------- ---------

ia5-text text/plain;charset=us-ascii [RFC1494]

voice No Mapping Defined [RFC1494]

g3-facsimile image/g3fax [RFC1494]

g4-class1 no mapping defined [RFC1494]

teletex no mapping defined [RFC1494]

videotex no mapping defined [RFC1494]

encrypted no mapping defined [RFC1494]

bilaterally-defined application/octet-stream [RFC1494]

nationally-defined no mapping defined [RFC1494]

externally-defined See Extended Body Parts [RFC1494]

X.400 Extended Body Part MIME content-type Reference

------------------------- -------------------- ---------

GeneralText text/plain;charset=iso-8859-x[RFC1494]

ODA application/oda [RFC1494]

mime-postscript-body application/postscript [RFC1494]

mime-jpeg-body image/jpeg [RFC1494]

mime-gif-body image/gif [RFC1494]


[MacMime] Work in Progress.

[RFC1036] Horton, M., and R. Adams, "Standard for Interchange of

USENET Messages", RFC 1036, AT&T Bell Laboratories,

Center for Seismic Studies, December 1987.

[RFC1494] Alvestrand, H., and S.

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