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RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October


[RFC1583] Moy, J., "OSPF Version 2", RFC 1583, Proteon, Inc., March


[RFC1584] Moy, J., "Multicast Extensions to OSPF", RFC 1584, Proteon,

Inc., March 1994.

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URL = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/ospf-authentication-


Reynolds & Postel [Page 95]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994


[RFC1521] specifies that Content Types, Content Subtypes, Character

Sets, Access Types, and Conversion values for MIME mail will be

assigned and listed by the IANA.

Content Types and Subtypes


Type Subtype Description Reference

---- ------- ----------- ---------

text plain [RFC1521,NSB]

richtext [RFC1521,NSB]

tab-separated-values [Paul Lindner]

multipart mixed [RFC1521,NSB]

alternative [RFC1521,NSB]

digest [RFC1521,NSB]

parallel [RFC1521,NSB]

appledouble [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]

header-set [Dave Crocker]

message rfc822 [RFC1521,NSB]

partial [RFC1521,NSB]

external-body [RFC1521,NSB]

news [RFC 1036, Henry Spencer]

application octet-stream [RFC1521,NSB]

postscript [RFC1521,NSB]

oda [RFC1521,NSB]

atomicmail [atomicmail,NSB]

andrew-inset [andrew-inset,NSB]

slate [slate,terry crowley]

wita [Wang Info Transfer,Larry Campbell]

dec-dx [Digital Doc Trans, Larry Campbell]

dca-rft [IBM Doc Content Arch, Larry Campbell]

activemessage [Ehud Shapiro]

rtf [Paul Lindner]

applefile [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]

mac-binhex40 [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]

news-message-id [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]

news-transmission [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]

wordperfect5.1 [Paul Lindner]

pdf [Paul Lindner]

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