Справочник по сетевым протоколам


RFC1700 - часть 150

8041 Cisco Systems Control Protocol

8043 Ascom Timeplex

8045 Fujitsu LBLB Control Protocol

8047 DCA Remote Lan Network Control Protocol (RLNCP)

8049 Serial Data Control Protocol (PPP-SDCP)

804b SNA over 802.2 Control Protocol

804d SNA Control Protocol

804f IP6 Header Compression Control Protocol

006f Stampede Bridging Control Protocol

80cf Not Used - reserved [RFC1661]

80fb compression on single link in multilink group control

80fd Compression Control Protocol

80ff Not Used - reserved [RFC1661]

c021 Link Control Protocol

c023 Password Authentication Protocol

c025 Link Quality Report

c027 Shiva Password Authentication Protocol

c029 CallBack Control Protocol (CBCP)

c081 Container Control Protocol [KEN]

c223 Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

c281 Proprietary Authentication Protocol [KEN]

Reynolds & Postel [Page 201]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994

c26f Stampede Bridging Authorization Protocol

c481 Proprietary Node ID Authentication Protocol [KEN]

Protocol field values in the "0xxx" to "3xxx" range identify the

network-layer protocol of specific datagrams, and values in the "8xxx"

to "bxxx" range identify datagrams belonging to the associated Network

Control Protocol (NCP), if any.

It is recommended that values in the "02xx" to "1exx" and "xx01" to

"xx1f" ranges not be assigned, as they are compression inefficient.

Protocol field values in the "4xxx" to "7xxx" range are used for

protocols with low volume traffic which have no associated NCP.

Protocol field values in the "cxxx" to "exxx" range identify datagrams

as Control Protocols (such as LCP).


The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Link Control Protocol (LCP), [146]

the Compression Control Protocol (CCP), Internet Protocol Control

Protocol (IPCP), [147] and other control protocols, contain an 8 bit

Code field which identifies the type of packet.

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