Справочник по сетевым протоколам


RFC1700 - часть 143

Physical Layer Specification", AA-K759B-TK, Digital

Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA. Also as: "The Ethernet

- A Local Area Network", Version 1.0, Digital Equipment

Corporation, Intel Corporation, Xerox Corporation,

September 1980. And: "The Ethernet, A Local Area Network:

Data Link Layer and Physical Layer Specifications",

Digital, Intel and Xerox, November 1982. And: XEROX, "The

Ethernet, A Local Area Network: Data Link Layer and

Physical Layer Specification", X3T51/80-50, Xerox

Corporation, Stamford, CT., October 1980.

[PUP] Boggs, D., J. Shoch, E. Taft, and R. Metcalfe, "PUP: An

Internetwork Architecture", XEROX Palo Alto Research Center,

CSL-79-10, July 1979; also in IEEE Transactions on

Communication, Volume COM-28, Number 4, April 1980.

[RFC791] Postel, J., ed., "Internet Protocol - DARPA Internet Program

Protocol Specification", STD 5, RFC 791, USC/Information

Sciences Institute, September 1981.

[RFC878] Malis, Andrew, "The ARPANET 1822L Host Access Protocol",

RFC 878, BBN Communications Corp., December 1983.

[RFC926] International Standards Organization, "Protocol for Providing

the Connectionless-Mode Network Services", RFC 926, ISO,

December 1984.

[RFC1005] Khanna, A., and A. Malis, "The ARPANET AHIP-E Host Access

Protocol (Enhanced AHIP)", RFC 1005, BBN Communications

Corp., May 1987.


[DM28] Dennis Morris

[JBP] Jon Postel

[JBW1] Joseph Walters, Jr.

[JGH] Jim Herman

[MB] Michael Brescia

Reynolds & Postel [Page 189]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994

[RXM] Robert Myhill

[XEROX] Fonda Pallone <---none--->


URL = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/milnet-parameters

Reynolds & Postel [Page 190]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994


Assigned well-known socket numbers

Routing Information 1

Echo 2

Router Error 3

Experimental 40-77

Assigned internet packet types

Routing Information 1

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