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RFC1700 - часть 141

the destination IMP), the receiver should ignore the sub-link.

Link Assignments:

Decimal Description References

------- ----------- ----------

0-63 BBNCC Monitoring [MB]

64-149 Unassigned [JBP]


151 Unassigned [JBP]

152 PARC Universal Protocol [PUP,XEROX]

153 TIP Status Reporting [JGH]

154 TIP Accounting [JGH]

155 Internet Protocol [regular] [RFC791,JBP]

156-158 Internet Protocol [experimental] [RFC791,JBP]

159 Figleaf Link [JBW1]

160 Blacker Local Network Protocol [DM28]

161-194 Unassigned [JBP]

195 ISO-IP [RFC926,RXM]

196-247 Experimental Protocols [JBP]

248-255 Network Maintenance [JGH]


The MILNET facility for "logical addressing" is described in [RFC878]

and [RFC1005]. A portion of the possible logical addresses are

reserved for standard uses.

There are 49,152 possible logical host addresses. Of these, 256 are

reserved for assignment to well-known functions. Assignments for

well-known functions are made by the IANA. Assignments for other

Reynolds & Postel [Page 186]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994

logical host addresses are made by the NIC.

Logical Address Assignments:

Decimal Description References

------- ----------- ----------

0 Reserved [JBP]

1 The BBN Core Gateways [MB]

2-254 Unassigned [JBP]

255 Reserved [JBP]


All MILNET hosts are assigned addresses by the Defense Data Network

(DDN). The address of a MILNET host may be obtained from the Network

Information Center (NIC), represented as an ASCII text string in what

is called "host table format". This section describes the process by

which MILNET X.25 addresses may be derived from addresses in the NIC

host table format.

A NIC host table address consists of the ASCII text string

representations of four decimal numbers separated by periods,

corresponding to the four octeted of a thirty-two bit Internet

address. The four decimal numbers are referred to in this section as

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