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quality determination packets to delay

quality determination packets to delay authentication indefinitely.

Advancement from the Authentication phase to the Network-Layer

Protocol phase MUST NOT occur until authentication has completed. If

authentication fails, the authenticator SHOULD proceed instead to the

Link Termination phase.

Only Link Control Protocol, authentication protocol, and link quality

monitoring packets are allowed during this phase. All other packets

received during this phase MUST be silently discarded.

Implementation Notes:

An implementation SHOULD NOT fail authentication simply due to

timeout or lack of response. The authentication SHOULD allow some

method of retransmission, and proceed to the Link Termination

phase only after a number of authentication attempts has been


The implementation responsible for commencing Link Termination

phase is the implementation which has refused authentication to

its peer.

3.6. Network-Layer Protocol Phase

Once PPP has finished the previous phases, each network-layer

protocol (such as IP, IPX, or AppleTalk) MUST be separately

configured by the appropriate Network Control Protocol (NCP).

Each NCP MAY be Opened and Closed at any time.

Simpson [Page 8]

RFC 1661 Point-to-Point Protocol July 1994

Implementation Note:

Because an implementation may initially use a significant amount

of time for link quality determination, implementations SHOULD

avoid fixed timeouts when waiting for their peers to configure a


After a NCP has reached the Opened state, PPP will carry the

corresponding network-layer protocol packets. Any supported

network-layer protocol packets received when the corresponding NCP is

not in the Opened state MUST be silently discarded.

Implementation Note:

While LCP is in the Opened state, any protocol packet which is

unsupported by the implementation MUST be returned in a Protocol-

Reject (described later). Only protocols which are supported are

silently discarded.

During this phase, link traffic consists of any possible combination

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