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Each node may, in turn,

Each node may, in turn, have children of

its own which are labeled. In this case, we may term the node a

subtree. This process may continue to an arbitrary level of depth.

Central to the notion of the OBJECT IDENTIFIER is the understanding

that administrative control of the meanings assigned to the nodes may

be delegated as one traverses the tree. A label is a pairing of a

brief textual description and an integer.

The root node itself is unlabeled, but has at least three children

directly under it: one node is administered by the International

Standards Organization, with label iso(1); another is administrated

by the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee,

with label ccitt(2); and the third is jointly administered by the ISO

and the CCITT, joint-iso-ccitt(3).

Under the iso(1) node, the ISO has designated one subtree for use by

other (inter)national organizations, org(3). Of the children nodes

present, two have been assigned to the U.S. National Bureau of

Standards. One of these subtrees has been transferred by the NBS to

the U.S. Department of Defense, dod(6).

As of this writing, the DoD has not indicated how it will manage its

subtree of OBJECT IDENTIFIERs. This memo assumes that DoD will

allocate a node to the Internet community, to be administered by the

Internet Activities Board (IAB) as follows:

internet OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso org(3) dod(6) 1 }

That is, the Internet subtree of OBJECT IDENTIFIERs starts with the


This memo, as an RFC approved by the IAB, now specifies the policy

under which this subtree of OBJECT IDENTIFIERs is administered.

Initially, four nodes are present:

directory OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 1 }

mgmt OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 2 }

experimental OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 3 }

private OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 4 }


The directory(1) subtree is reserved for use with a future memo that

discusses how the OSI Directory may be used in the Internet.

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